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Graphic Design

Portfolio Reviews

 Hey, entry to intermediate-level
designers, this one's
for you!

Are you a graphic designer looking for a job?

Get feedback on how to organize your portfolio from a design manager!

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yep, that's me!
I design, illustrate
and animate. 

About E. Rose, Owner & Designer at Limelight Creative

Who me? I'm cool or whatever...I guess.

But seriously, I've been working in the design field for over 14 years. I started off in trade display print production and then hit a few agencies and nonprofits along the way. As the hiring manager for my former teams, I've reviewed A LOT of 2-5-year resumes and portfolios. Some were great and some had so-much-potential! Sigh, I wish I could've reached out to help them with a few portfolio tips.

I’ve always been passionate about helping folks achieve a goal or dream through creative problem-solving. So I decided to provide portfolio review services to help you present your best work and find your strengths.


Are you fresh out of college? Or do you have a little experience in the game but aren't sure if your portfolio will get you to the next level? Get a 1-hour portfolio review to streamline your design portfolio for the jobs you want. Reviews are done quickly through email. There are only a limited number of slots per month. So get on my calendar today!

Why Limelight?

Maybe because... you know you can design.

But oftentimes your work doesn't show the full scope of your creativity. So that employer looking for a specific "thing" might just pass you by. 

Let Us Help!

If you don't show it, they won't know it.



Are you constantly applying but not getting the jobs you want?

While we can't guarantee employment, Limelight can certainly help you present a portfolio this is more aligned with your preferred industry.

Not sure of your design strengths and weaknesses?

Limelight can help you figure that out. Sure, it's great to show versatility. But if you're really strong in one area why not explore it?


What are you waiting for?

Limelight is here to help you build a portfolio that shows off your design skills and get you that job or that freelance contract you've been eyeing!

How does this work, you ask?

Well, let me tell ya!

Because I'm a full-time Art/Creative Director, I only

have 5 spots available per month... for now. So get in it where you can!

The portfolio review is only $75

(Only $75?). Yep! Just $75 USD! 




Select Your Portfolio Goals

Tell us what you need. Fill out the questionnaire!


Get Email Feedback

Receive suggestions within 72 hours. Easy as 1,2,3.


That's it!

Follow-up questions are always welcomed!


 Two things to keep in mind... 


Feedback = Suggestion

Meaning, it'd be great if you try "x". BUT, that's our opinion. So if you don't agree, no sweat! 

Limelight cannot guarantee you employment. However, we hope to get you a little closer to your dream design position in tech, beauty, fashion, corporate, nonprofit, entertainment, or self-employment!

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I want you to find a job that reflects your passion,
career goals and creativity.

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